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New School Portrait Safety Procedures.

Attention Parents:

The safety of your children is our utmost concern. That's why our Studio, working in cooperation with your School, has developed a new CONTACT-FREE photography protocol in effect for your upcoming School Picture Day(s). These new procedures are intended to minimize any risk of COVID exposure to your child, school personnel, or to our staff while your student is photographed.

If your child is attending School LIVE: you must PRE-REGISTER with us online before your picture day if you would like the opportunity to see your photos later. There's no cost or obligation to sign up. We just need your contact information so we can advise you when your photos are ready to preview online. To pre-register, please enter the registration access code that you were provided in the space on the right →

If your child is REMOTE-LEARNING only this Fall: you will also be able to have photos done privately on Make-Up day. We know your child will not want to miss out on being included in the Yearbook or Class Composite photo. The School will announce the Make-Up date when we will take children's portraits BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. In this way, you will be able to book a convenient time to bring your children to be photographed.  There will be NO WAITING, so you'll be able to come and go while maintaining social distancing. Better yet, if you have other children NOT attending this school, we welcome you to bring them along as well. Watch for an announcement from School with information on booking your appointment online for Make-Up day.  

Here are some of the important changes in the photo process you will see this Fall:

  1. A "Paperless" Online Order process. There will be no paper pricelists, proof sheets, or order envelopes to minimize the risk of surface transmission of the virus. You will also have the opportunity to see your photos BEFORE YOU BUY through our secure ONLINE site.  All portrait sales transactions must be done online or by phone using a Debit or Credit card.  We cannot accept cash or checks this year.
  2. A "Contact-Free" photography process. All applicable School policies regarding social distancing will be maintained. Our photographers will be masked and/or utilize face shields while working and will remain at least six feet away from persons being photographed.

  3. Personnel Health Monitoring.  Temperatures of all photo staff will be taken daily and each employee will be asked questions relating to their current state of health. Anyone exhibiting any suspicious health condition will be sent home immediately, and may not return to work until their health is professionally evaluated and condition clears.

  4. Photo Orders will be shipped direct-to-home. This is intended to minimize any risks associated with Students' or School Staff touching the products at the time of delivery.  A nominal fee will be added to your order cost to cover the additional postage and handling.

We have all had to adjust many of our traditional behaviors during this COVID crisis, and our business relationship with you and your school is no exception. We understand that our new child-safety policies and procedures may create some confusion for you, and for this, we apologize in advance. However, rest assured our intention is to make this year's school photography experience as safe and memorable as possible. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.